Whats the Skinny on Cerebrus?
by JWCraig

Untill I get Reginald Cathy's entry in the cast page posted, here's a bit of information.

He was Department Omega sanction Meta-Deviant (Basically a licensed "super hero") from the 1950's to 1980. In 1980, his daughter was killed by a young psychic Meta Deviant that he had become mentor to. At that point, he became a villain by revenge,  Megalomania, and a nihilistic. His grief and rage acted like a supercharger for his already impressive psychic talents.This went on until he was finally taken down by a group a Meta-Deviants that joined together specific for that purpose. Xax was one of them. At that time, he was known as Xerxes. During that battle, Cerebrus broke the minds of several of the heroes. Two of them were killed. The city suffered loss in civilian lives and significant collateral damage. Only one of those heroes Professor Osiris of Team Osiris, is still around. Reginald Cathy was declared mental unfit for trial. He spent the next 20 years in the Red Briar Advance Psychological Treatment and Research Hospital. The same hospital where Ego spent his first 6 months after being resuscitated in 1992. In 2010, Reginald Cathy was declared "cured". He would have continued to receive further punishment for his crimes, but he, along with Ego and several other patients, were found to be victims of unethical experimentation by the chief neurologist, Dr. Kelvin Byron. During the legal proceedings, he won his freedom. Since the day of his release, until now, he has feel remorse for his actions, found religion, and put Cerebrus in the closet.   

-Jessie W. Craig

Up date disruptions
by JWCraig

As some of you may know, SDMW is going to print. In order to keep on task with the print schedule, I need  to divided my time between the comic updates and the art specific to the printed comic (Covers, pin ups, posters, etc) This will cause disruptions in the update schedule for the web comic. I anticipate Monday's updates being delayed a day or two. Fridays updates should not be affected. I'd like to encourage everyone to visit the Charisma Kills Studios facebook and give it a like so you can receive the most current news. Also, the Charisma Kills Studios blogspot will have more detailed info. Thank you for your patience and as always your readership and support.

by JWCraig

Friday's (today's) update will be late. I've been ill almost the entire week. To the point that I had to take a trip to the ER. I am working on the update and it is half finished. I can't promise but it may be up later tonight (Central Time Zone).

Where is the Update?!
by JWCraig

"Sweet Dreams" updates on Monday's and Fridays., Normally in the afternoon. I own a cafe and Monday-Friday I'm here roughly 12-13 hours a day. So, I try a posted after the lunch rush. So, the best time to look for it is sometime after 1PM Central. Thanks!

CKS Main Page and Blog
by JWCraig

The new Charisma Kills Studios home page has been posted, it still needs a touch of work, but it's up! Also, checkout Charisma Kills Studios on facebook and blogger for more news and updates!