Fan/Guest Art

Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms art by fans, friends, and guests! If you would like to contribute to the collection you can email it to 

(Please note that I am rebuilding this collection from an old CKS website. If you've done SDMW art in the past, and it's not here, let me know.)

Tamyra Christmas and Ego by Vas Littlecrow. Comic Creator and owner of Velvet Rasputin

Ego watching TV by Neil Kapit, creator of the Ruby Nation webcomic

Spider Monkey 12. By Ethan Kocak, creator of the Black Mud Puppy webcomic

Ethan's Spider Monkey 12 colored by me. I couldn't resist. 

Battle Damaged Ego by Michael Yakutis, comic artist and co-founder of Webcomic Underdogs

Spider Monkey 12. By Tedd Walley, creator of Mathilda, Evil vs. the Third Grade